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Trailblazing the Way Forward for Independent Businesses

UK based publication, The Indie Guide is has announced the launch of their second edition. The guide is a stylist magazine featuring articles, advice and promotes independent businesses to a global audience of wholesalers, retailers, and indie enthusiasts. The official launch date for the second edition is the 25th of June 2021.

The Indie Guide aims to introduce unique businesses to stockists to help support indie businesses grow into wholesale. The guide also focuses on changing how consumerism works, promoting sustainability, and supports a slow movement by knowing the transparency of the brands they feature within the publication.

Most people are unaware of many independent businesses because they cannot afford the same amount of public exposure as a corporation. The Indie Guides plays a big part in redressing this imbalance by highlighting only Independent businesses and owners. Their vision not only shines a light on the importance of shopping independent but gives confidence, hope and belief to the business owners themselves.

The 2020 global pandemic saw the rise of indie businesses. The UK alone saw nearly half a million new businesses registered despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. (according to data from Companies House). There has never been a better opportunity and need for a publication like this to support the next generation of business owners.

“Being a small business owner, it is so important to have a community surrounding you and to be able to showcase your work in its best light.” Evie Daines, Founder, Daines Atelier.

Co-founded by three business owners Samantha Hamlin, Evie Daines and Yousef al Nasser, who all have a true passion for innovation, supporting creativity and are leading the small business revolution.

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