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Project: Plz Send Nudes

“This piece of work was created during the COVID-19 outbreak; to explore the shifting normality we are all facing, constantly seeing partners through screens. With the natural progression of virtual dating, social-distance-dating and separation of human touch, we have been forced to get used to intimate ‘screen time’.

We are all learning that this sense of disconnection from the human touch makes us crave it more, and our habits of self-love and self-touch become the only way we feel connected with ourselves. It’s more important than ever to stay connected, not isolated”.

-Bryony Jade Photography


The COVID-19 pandemic that hit the UK in January 2020, is now fabricating the way we connect by elevating these pre-existing virtual means. There are now ‘online sex parties’ organized on Zoom, people are throwing virtual parties and social drinking online, all to adhere to human networks in times of isolation. The guardian signifies “It is too soon to know what the impact of the

lockdown will be on young people, because the coronavirus pandemic is so unprecedented”.

My initial vision for this project began from the acknowledgement of my ‘pretense’ put on during my video chats in the first stages of lockdown. It was something that didn't feel normal to me, as for lots of people I’m sure, we are all familiar and comfortable with face-to-face connections. It almost felt cold to experience those moments through a screen. This sense of detachment is captured as the women take on the role of video performers that pose though virtual means, typically through the lens of a webcam.

This fundamental drive to connect will never stop finding a way to continue and adapt, even through screens, this drive will sustain during times of uncertainty and is what endures comfort for us all.

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